Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова Факультет глобальных процессов

Admission 2019 (Eng)

The Faculty of Global Studies prepares highly qualified specialists in international relations and global studies, combining broad theoretical training and multicultural education, capable of carrying out comprehensive analysis and developing approaches to the effective management of modern global processes.


Specialization – “international relations”

  • Bachelor degree programs (in Russian) – 4 years:

Global political processes and diplomacy;

Global economy and management;

International humanitarian cooperation (jointly with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education).

  • Master degree programs – 2 years:

Global political processes;

Global economic processes;

Global energy and international business;

International humanitarian cooperation (jointly with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education).

International relations and global studies (in English);

Management of social transformations.


Foreign applicants have to take the following entrance exams:

For bachelor degree programs: 

— Russian as a foreign language

— History of Russia (oral exam)

For master degree programs: 

— International relations


For bachelor degree programs 

Submission period from June 15 to July 10, 2018.

Entrance exams from 20  June to 26 July 2018 in accordance with the approved timetable.

For master degree programs 

Submission period from June 15, 2018 to July 20, 2018.


Bachelor degree programs in 2018-19 RUR 350,000

Master degree programs in 2018-19 RUR 350 000


  • Filled application form (the form will be provided by the Faculty while submitting other documents).
  • A valid passport;
  • Russian translation of the passport, notarized;
  • A valid visa; *
  • A migration card;
  • A migration registration;
  • An original education document;
  • An original annex to the education document;
  • Russian translation of the education document and its annex; **
  • Legalization / apostille on the education document;
  • A certificate of equivalence of the education document (the document could be provided by the start of the academic year);
  • A certificate approving that the applicant has successfully passed the Russian language exam (for applicants graduated from preparatory courses of MSU Centre for International Education*** or preparatory courses of any other Russian university accredited by the Government it is necessary to present a certificate of graduation from preparatory courses)
  • 8 photos, 3×4, matte;

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your name is translated into Russian in the same way in all the documents! If there is a discrepancy in the name in the notarized translations of the passport, diploma and visa, you will have to further verify your identity at the Embassy.

* You can take exams on a tourist visa. After successfully passing the exams, it is necessary to sign a contract for education and leave the country before the beginning of the academic year. Therefore, tourist visa must meet this deadline.

After being admitted the student has to enter the country on a study visa, issued on a special invitation, which will be prepared by the faculty.

** Translation of the education document and its annex into Russian should be done and notarized in Russia, or made in the country, where it was obtained but notarized at the Russian Embassy or Consulate.

More information can be found at http://www.cie.ru


  • It is desirable that a tourist visa is issued for at least 20 days. This period will include time for the submission of documents and the taking exams.
  • It is necessary to arrive to the faculty in early September because the academic year starts September, 1
  • Applicants who graduated from MSU Centre for International Education and successfully passed entrance exams should take absentee letters from MSU Centre for International Education to pass migration registration at the faculty.
  • A foreign citizen is obliged to pass the migration registration within 7 working days from the date of arrival in the country (if the migration registration is carried out through the faculty, then it is necessary to provide documents to the international department of the faculty within 3 working days after arrival). Applicants coming on a tourist visa can register at the place of residence or at the hotel. Otherwise, the entrant automatically falls into the category of illegal migrant, he is fined, and he is deported with a ban on entry into the country for 5 years.
  • For information on obtaining a certificate of equivalence of an education document, visit the National Information Centre (GlavExpertcentre) website at http://nic.gov.ru/en/nic/contacts


Leninskiye Gory, 1, building 13 B, New Campus Building №4

Room: 608

Telephone: +7 (495) 939-45-06

E-mail: moiseeva.fgp.msu@mail.ru

International Department  

Room: 715

Telephone: +7 (495) 939-47-13

E-mail: intdep@fgp.msu.ru