Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова Факультет глобальных процессов

Study abroad (eng)

The curriculum implemented at the Faculty of Global Studies complies with the educational standard of higher professional education of Lomonosov Moscow State University  in International Relations awarding Bachelor’s degree. The program aims to prepare highly-skilled specialists in international relations, competent in international political and economic relations who are well-equipped with knowledge and skills to provide complex monitoring and to suggest own approaches to efficient management of modern global processes.

On completion, graduates will be skilled to assess how global processes affect international relations; to define the strategy and tactics of foreign policy; to structure the information about political and economic cooperation to comprehensively analyse domestic and foreign environment in the country, region and the world in general; to effectively implement mechanisms of international legislation to economic activity and business safety.   The graduate will be competent in establishing contacts, in conducting negotiations and drawing draft agreements in the Russian and foreign languages, in diplomatic etiquette and protocol  as well as in business communication in international environment. Graduates will be skilled to teach and create new courses, to introduce innovative teaching methods.

Fact Sheet


Room № 715

  • Katerina Borisova (Head of International Office)
  • Kristina Leonova (Student exchange programs FGS)

e-mail: intdep@fgp.msu.ru

Tel.: +7 (495) 939-47-13

General Information:
Skills required for the internship at the Faculty
  1. Appropriate level of grades (by the decision of the home university);
  2. English language skills at a level necessary to cope with the study (we don’t require a language test but rely on our partner institutions to evaluate their student’s English proficiency);
  3.  Basic knowledge in international relations and world economy.


Supporting documents to be submitted Nominees (or their university coordinators) are required to e-mail the following documents to the Faculty of Global Process:

1.    Exchange application (we’ll provide you with the form);

2.    Passport copy.


Application deadlines The students have to provide the Faculty with all the needed documents and information by the following dates:

September admission (Fall semester):

·          April 30

February admission (Spring semester):

·          November 1

Duration of exchange One semester or full year.
Exchange application form (download)
Study Programs:


Per course:

1-4 credits

Per semester:

up to 30 credits also



Exchange students can take courses from other faculties if necessary, but the courses at the Faculty of Global Process should be their first priority.

1. Competitive Relations in the Global World 
2. English language
3. Evolution of Russian Identity
4. Fundamentals of Globalistics
5. Global Political Issues
6. Global Political Processes in the 21st century
7. Intercultural Dialogue in the Context of Globalization
8. International Humanitarian Cooperation + questions
9. Introduction to International Relations
10. People Management in the Global World + questions
11. Political Identity of the British and Russian Elites
12. Rhetoric and Culture of Speech
13. Russian as a Foreign Language
14. Soft Power as an Instrument of Foreign Policy