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Peking University invites students of the faculty of global studies to join Yenching Academy program.

The Yenching Academy program is two years in duration. However, international students are only required to stay in Beijing for the first year. Those who leave campus after one year may complete their theses and thesis defense via Skype. Degrees are awarded in January and July of each year after the completion of all coursework and satisfactory defense of the thesis. International students have the option to apply for early graduation; if they do so, the degrees will be granted at the end of the third semester.

Research Areas

Each Yenching Scholar selects one of six research areas, and writes a thesis with guidance from a faculty advisor. The scholar’s choice of research area does not affect course selection options.

Research areas are as follows:
•    Economics and Management
•    History and Archaeology
•    Philosophy and Religion
•    Politics and International Relations
•    Law and Society
•    Literature and Culture

Scholars must choose their research areas before enrolling in September of 2018, and may not switch afterward.

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Крайний срок подачи заявок — 10 декабря 2017.


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